Alaskan Thunder Fuck (250g)

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Alaskan Thunder Fuck (250g) pressure has an unclear lineage because of the age of the pressure. Russian Ruderalis was bred with a few kind of Sativa stated to originate from Northern California.

Russian Ruderalis is a type of cannabis that isn’t photoperiod. those autoflowering strains do not need very a whole lot mild to grow however do want quite a bit to thrive. Indoor grows have a tendency to do a bit higher as lights can be run during the day which isn’t viable outdoor in the continental u.s.a..

locating seeds should no longer be too tough as this pressure has quite the subsequent. Mimicking the temperature that this stress thrives below might be the real task. regions like Southern California or those with warmer nights won’t gie this strain what it needs because it does originate from Alaska.
Alaskan Thunder Fuck stress Yield

Alaskan Thunder Fuck (250g) may be grown interior and exterior despite the fact that chillier weather outside grows will maximize the yield. indoors a grower can count on 0.5 to 1 ounce per rectangular foot. exterior you could expect 1 to two ounces consistent with square foot or around 400 grams per square foot.

the advent of this bud has orange hairs with a white look. The motive for the white hue of this bud is the covering of trichomes. The trichomes readily announce how robust this stress is and may keep more moderen marijuana customers away

Yields will continually depend on your indoor or out of doors setup. The soil aggregate which you develop in is likewise going to play a position. make sure to use more nutrients however do not over supplement them as this may effect the yield negatively.
Alaskan Thunder Fuck strain Flowering Time

The flowering length of Alaskan Thunder Fuck is 7 to 9 weeks. assume outdoor harvests in cooler climates to be geared up sooner or later in October. With all of the call for, growers cite this as a fave as they are able to always rely upon getting rid of what they have got in stock.

Cooler climates are going to have a bonus as this stress will conflict to grow in a kingdom like Florida due to the heat. Northern California or even Washington kingdom/Oregon are some distance better proper to develop this strain.


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