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Buy OG Kush (300g) : We don’t really need to step into this minefield, due to the fact OG Kush’s starting place story is one of the maximum disputed in all of hashish. but, appropriate assets location its origins in Florida in the early Nineteen Nineties, then shifting to California in 1996, in which it quickly ended up in the fingers of the “Soul Assassins” group, friends of noted stoner rap group Cypress Hill. The rest, as they say, is records — the unique plant has been used for breeding countless instances and there are masses of random OG vegetation floating round, mainly in California.
Approximate THC content material

excessive (20%-25%)

what to expect

regardless of which OG you come to be with, it almost usually offers a strong package deal of extremely social and glad results, making it perfect for enjoyable with buddies. some sorts are extra tough-hitting and relaxing than others, so make certain to ask for greater data about the unique “cut” you’re smoking. OG types have lengthy-lasting consequences and are acknowledged for having no ceiling or tolerance buildup, which means you can hold smoking them for an extended time frame and still get the equal impact.

How to spot it

Buy OG Kush (300g) functions in the main triangular or pinecone-fashioned buds with little to no leaf, truely lined in frost and broadcasting their smelly aroma for all to behold. if you’re in California, where there are greater OGs than there are Kardashians, you’ll probably see it referred to as “insert hot celebrity of the moment here,” as dispensaries are acknowledged for renaming the oft-similar Buy OG Kush (300g) types to in shape some thing is famous that week.

Buy OG Kush (300g) signature aroma modifications barely depending upon the specific plant, however generally it sits someplace among beginning a brand new can of tennis balls and a ginger-kerosene cocktail. it could be earthy and dank, or competitive, with heavy lemon-gas notes. however no matter what, OG is strong in both aroma and taste, making it a perennial preferred for most smokers.


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